Our Craft


Maragu being the destination, our logo – the sail boat – symbolically connotes a medium for effortlessly stylish, unassuming, world class travel.Like all Greek legends and stories, there is double meaning in our emblem as it also represents "M".  The inequality between the right and left hand side of the logo signifies all handmade woodcrafts being different from one another. Even if you try to replicate something, it is still unique in many ways. Maragu as a name resembles to exotic destinations such as Marabu and Malibu, while at the same time it means "carpenter's" in Greek. The exotism of the brand name has to do with our homeland which is the last exotic place in Europe.


Working with wood is an integrated part of our studio’s heritage. We reflect 50 years of accumulated history in wooden handcrafting as the Maragu label embodies two generations of carpenters. The name, Maragu, derives from the Greek for “carpenter” but, for us, further references an exotic destination, emblematic of the Maragu collective. We represent an exotic corner of Europe with a refined quality of living, translating to our frames. Each piece is designed according to the timeless and universal aesthetics of our culture from antiquity to present. At the heart of the Maragu experience is a multisensory indulgence. Our eyepieces are made so as to be felt when worn, a vehicle for vision, heard through a familiar wooden knock when rested on a surface and even smelt. Indeed, to enhance the olfactory satisfaction we add a pouch containing aromatic wild wood that is packaged with our eyewear.


Carefully selecting the lumber and refining it by hand provides us with absolute autonomy over the quality of our materials, which consist of Greek Walnut, Rosewood, Olivewood and Maple. The production process is based on what we call the "one-piece wooden pair of sunglasses". Namely, every pair of shades is made out of a singular piece of wood instead of several parts joined together, as per the most popular process in the creation of wooden sunglasses. Needless to say, each pair is unique and therefore not identical to any other as two pieces of wood are never exactly alike. The result of this painstaking but inspiring process is a more durable, sophisticated and luxurious pair of wooden sunglasses.


Our designs are standout and innovative in a fragmented market, with one of the leading designers at our helm. George Drakidis is renowned for his trend-inspiring and revolutionary approach by applying his immaculate aesthetics to the Maragu label. That said, several market-popular designs have been incorporated in our collection, but always featuring an innovative twist and design feature from George's visionary eye. Our ethos is that we design sunglasses made of wood instead of simply wooden sunglasses, hence the final product has to be as functional and relaxed as a mainstream pair of sunglasses. Special attention is paid to create the right curves at the arms of the glasses with flexible hinges enabling better fit.


Wooden eyewear is all about the handmade manufacturing process. As a result, not a single pair is identical to another. The production takes several days while the processing time of an order can take up to 10 days.


Coloring is key to enhance or diminish the look and feel of the final product. The colors used are neither bold nor flashy as the aim is to preserve the nature of the materials and to observe its uniqueness and structure. Another point is the use of mat instead of shiny finishing. Our designers champion mat finishing as it gives a premium refinement to the final product. Last but not least, the sophisticated and thus time-consuming coloring process makes Maragu shades totally waterproof from either sea water or contact with human complexion.

Optical lenses

Sun-proofed lenses are the most important aspect of a pair of sunglasses, so our lenses are polarized for a relaxed wear, protecting the eyes from UVA UVB radiation. We use one of the most premium brands of lenses worldwide, Divel (http://www.divelitalia.it/). Divel has championed its expertise in sun lenses over the past decades. Their superior level of technological innovation and design immediately drew our attention and the incorporation of their lenses in our final products was unequivocal. To emphasize our dedication to outstanding quality, every pair of Maragu sunglasses comes with a certificate of authenticity of Divel optical lenses.