Our Story

Welcome to Maragu!

For some an exotic country, for others a magical place, for us home. Every day is unique in Maragu as we choose to seize it and live in the present moment.

We don't follow convention, we never compromise. We live in our own style and we seek to create our individual path.   

Every Maragu loves designing, producing and engraving wooden pieces of art. Why wood? Because wood is an integral part of our country. It gives color, scent, texture, endurance, flexibility, differentiation and, above all, is an intrinsic part of our culture.

For us, this is freedom – to handcraft in an extraordinary and inventive fashion.

Maragu in Greek, literally translates as 'belonging to the carpenter' whilst at the same time it is a name resembling exotic destinations. The exoticism of the brand name links with our homeland, Greece, which is the last exotic location in Europe. Each piece is designed according to the enduring and universal aesthetics of Greek culture from ancient times to the present day.

Like all Greek legends and parables, there is double meaning to our logo. Firstly of course it represents the 'M' of Maragu, additionally the inequality in size of both halves of the logo signifies the truism that all handmade woodcrafts are totally unique. No matter how many times you try to replicate something it is still different in many ways. Lastly, Maragu being the destination, our logo - the sail boat - symbolically connotes a medium for effortlessly stylish, unassuming, world class travel.

Maragu reflects 50 years of accumulated history in wooden handcrafting. Working with wood is an integrated part of our workshop's heritage which is verified by two generations of carpenters.


The sun always shines in Maragu! Will you join us?