Our Family

George Drakidis - Designer
George is a concept and industrial designer with a renowned project portfolio throughout Europe. He is the ideal Maragu citizen – a creative junkie and an obessive collector of sunglasses.
George Katakis - Production Manager
George has over 30 years of experience in wooden handcrafts, crafting wood for most of his life and for whom living without doing so is unimaginible. He is the literal interpretation of Maragu, which translates as “carpenter” from Greek. 
Ismini Koronidi
Ismini is an Architect from Athens Polytechnic with an MSc in Digital Tectonics, IAAC Barcelona. She worked alongside the great architect M.Fuksas in Rome on concept and parametric design for projects around the world. Since art is her true love, she further studied Fine Art, creating digital fabrication sculptures and now sunglasses. She spends her summers in Ikaria, caring for her eyes with Maragu.
Giorgos Machairas
Giorgos is an MSc Architect Engineer from NTU of Athens with an MSc degree in Digital Tectonics from IΑΑC Barcelona. He worked with several major design companies in Europe as a specialist in Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication methods. He now focuses on contemporary design strategies and tools for Non-Standard Architecture and is Co-Founder of byMaK.gr
Philippos Rahal - Optician Magician
Philippos studied Optics and Optometry in Italy. He is an optician by definition with an extraordinary passion for optometry. His second passion is music and he plays keyboard in several bands while he loves everything stylish, making him quintessential Maragu material.
Thomas Katakis - Marketing & Business Development Consultant
Thomas is a Business and Marketing executive in five, blue-chip companies with 10 years’ in-depth experience in the field. Thomas is a Maragu native as he loves sailing, travelling to cosmopolitan destinations and living in the moment.
Markos Spyridakis - Software Development Director
Markos is a Software Development expert with more than ten years’ experience in the IT industry in various management positions. His love for exploring new places coupled with his open mind and passion for innovation makes him a true Maragu person.
Stelios Vasilas - Communication Director
Stelios studied Economics and Urban Development at Panteion University, going on to work in Advertising. He is the epitome of the Maragu man for his flair for creativity and his passion for the arts, music , travel and, of course, the sun. Favorite accessories: sunglasses and backpacks. Motto: Vivere pericolosamente.